Kenny's Discus
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About Kenny

"Kenny  Cheung  has  been keeping Discus  for  many  years as  a Hobbyist breeder. A  few  years  ago  he   made  the leap to a part-time  business of importing and  selling high quality discus.   He soon  earned a reputation as   a  sincere  and honest   seller  of  beautiful  discus at a  fair  price.  He  has  done  this  by  treating  his  customers  with the  greatest  respect and  providing  them the  best  quality  fish  obtainable from  many  overseas    exporters such as  Wayne Ng, Tony Tan, and DiscusForrest.

His  contributions  to the  hobby have  been  immense by setting  such a high standard  of  quality, health and  service... He  has also given  his  time  freely  by phone, email, internet  forums, etc  to help hobbyists and   promote  the Discus Hobby. 

Additionally he  is  a  valued  member of  the Discus Community   through his participation  in  the Internet Forum,
where  he is a  Sponsor, Moderator, and  fellow  Hobbyist  to many.

Kenny  is  also the  proud  uncle  of  his  young  niece Kelisse  and   he is  a  person who  holds  his  family and  Friends  close  to his  heart."

  ----  Al Sabetta ,  July 8, 2008
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Breeding  Discus...

Kenny  is also  an   accomplished   Hobbyist  breeder  that  still enjoys  breeding and raising   discus, which he often offers  for sale...  These are some  of the pairs that  he has   worked  with  over the years....

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