Kenny's Discus
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Hear what our clients have to say about Kenny's  Discus

"Every time that Kenny has sent me fish they have been of the best quality and in perfect health. If you haven't ordered from him yet you need to. You will be delighted."

-Liz  Streithorst

"He's a true discus hobbyist not just a seller. the discus are in his blood..and hes also a good friend to all of us."
-April Ross

"....they were quadruple bagged!! i have bits of rubberband all over my room because i couldn't untie those suckers so i had to use scissors to cut the rubberbands off!
the fish look amazing! and i even got some upgraded sized leopards!
i am SOOOOOOO happy with this order. it was amazing! no water anywhere but in the bags. the heat packs are still very warm to the touch, nothing was skimped in the process. no corners were cut. the fish are in great condition and are already swimming around begging for food. i'll wait till tomorrow this time to feed them
i can't wait to take pictures!
thank you so much kenny!"

Tien-Yeo - Southern California Discus Enthusiast

"Today I just got my shipment from Kenny and all I can say is wow!! This guy is top notch all the way around!! The shipment was extremely well packed and the fish were stress free and look outstanding!! These fish are incredible, and I am so excited to see these guys grow out!!! Kenny is a very good guy and I will be recommending others to use him!

Kenny, Thank you again for all your help and I can't wait to purchase more from you down the road!

Best Regards,"

- Ryan (thome on

 "I received 4 Albino Eruption Snakes, 1 Albino Eruption Maze Leopard and 1 Albino Leopard from Kenny last night. The packing was great. These guys are awesome looking in person. Kenny is extremely knowledgeable and returns phone calls and emails quickly. Thanks Kenny and Forrest for some very nice discus. Keep up the great job and excellent customer service. Fish are settling in my tanks and I will try to take some pictures over the weekend."

-Tony (tc_aro on

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